Real Beauty Productions.

Getting one step closer to closing the Hollywood gender gap.


What can we do when Hollywood won’t tell more realistic, representative stories about women? Tell them ourselves.

We teamed up with Dove and female empowerment champion Shonda Rhimes to create Dove Real Beauty Productions. This first-of-its-kind digital studio featured three different stories about women, told by women, and filmed by 100 percent female crews. Each film brought in a fresh, female perspective on what real beauty really means.

We then turned to real women everywhere to keep the conversation going, asking them to share their own #RealBeauty stories over social media.

So, are we ready to see #realbeauty on the silver screen? The numbers speak for themselves. Dove’s films received 3.3 billion impressions, 26.6 million views, and earned a 99% positive conversation rate. Take notes, Hollywood.